Tuesday, 4 November 2014

SYS user table USER$ in Oracle Database

SYS.USER$ Internal table in Oracle Database

# PTIME provides the date the password was last changed.
# LCOUNT provides the number of failed logins.
# CTIME provides the date the user was created.
# LTIME provides the date the user was last locked.

In the case of LTIME column the value will not be set to null if the user will be unlocked.

Below is an example of how to query user$ table :-

select ctime,ltime,ptime from user$ where name = 'SCOTT';

In Oracle database 12C the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY Privilege does not allows users to access some SYS Data Dictionary Tables like for example the sys schema tables USER_HISTORY$, CDB_LOCAL_ADMINAUTH$, XS$VERIFIERS, DEFAULT_PWD$, ENC$, LINK$, and USER$. So thats a new enhancement for 12C security, there are lots of them and i will be publishing them too soon on this blog on Label Oracle Security.

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