Thursday, 8 February 2018

RAC Internals & Machine Learning by Sandesh Rao

AIOUG-NIC Tech Day (RAC Internals & Machine Learning by Sandesh Rao)

Date & Venue: Feb 18th, 2018 @ Fidelity Gurugram

Key Speaker: Sandesh Rao

Speaker's Profile:- 

Sandesh Rao is a VP running the RAC Assurance Team within RAC Development at Oracle Corporation specializing in performance tuning , high availability , disaster recovery and architecting cloud based solutions using the Oracle Stack. With more than 14 years of experience working in the HA space and having worked on several versions of Oracle with different application stacks he is a recognized expert in RAC , Database Internals , PaaS , SaaS and IaaS solutions , solving Big Data related problems . Most of his work involves working with customers in the implementation of public and hybrid cloud projects in the financial , retailing , scientific , insurance , biotech and the tech space. His current position involves running a team that develops best practices for the Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c including products like RAC (Real Application Clusters) , Storage (ASM , ACFS)More details at 

About AIOUG  - All India Oracle Users Group

AIOUG is a non profit organization started by like minded users who think such a community is required in India where the amount of Oracle user base is humongous. The idea of this group is to share what the Oracle users have learned from using Oracle technology over the years with fellow users who have similar interest.

AIOUG provides Oracle technology and database professionals the opportunity to enhance their productivity and influence the quality, usability, and support of Oracle technology. The AIOUG is composed of Oracle professionals committed to helping fellow IT professionals develop solutions to their business challenges.

AIOUG Tech Days:

AIOUG's TechDay with a focus on a specific technology area. It is an event filled with opportunities to learn and network.  AIOUG has been organizing these events across India over the last couple of years.  While our major maga event is Sangam, Techdays are organized as small one day workshops reaching out to the Oracle user community across India.

See you all there on 18th Feb 2018..... Please register, attend and get networked with Oracle Experts..!!

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