Monday, 9 September 2013

Expert 12C RAC BOOK

As we all know 12C is out there now and Oracle Database is running on top always for mission critical applications and every oracle database enthusiastic is waiting to read more about 12C, wouldnt it be great if we have 4 ORACLE ACE DIRECTORS writing up a book on the hottest selling technology of RAC worldwide that too on 12C, the book is EXPERT 12C RAC, We know that a cluster database is implemented with a shared multiple instances architecture which overcomes the limitations of old traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk approaches and which infact does provide highly scalable and available solutions for all the business and mission critical applications but wouldnt you grab a chance to know more in depth about Oracle RAC that too with new features of 12C like Oracle Flex Cluster and Oracle Flex Automatic Storage Management (ASM) which are designed to provide scalable and high-availability cluster infrastructure for database cloud and application cloud. When i purchased this book i first opened chapter 4 New Features in RAC 12 as i know some great features of 11G R2 RAC like GNS, OCR and Voting on ASM storage , Intelligent Platform Management interface (IPMI) and 1 of my favourite Rebootless Restart and i couldnt stop myself reading 12C new features first..

Another excellent chapter 13 is Clusterware and Database Upgrades, Any DBA has a challenge to upgrade clusterware and RDBMS as new versions come, staying up to date with the latest versions with standards and security policies too is a critical deal and to make things good for the readers they have done an excellent job by explaining all the aspects for upgrading like for example explaining upgrading Restrictions, Pre-Upgrade Checklist, Cluster and ASM Oracle 12c Upgrade Compatibility Matrix and so on...

Going more deep into this book i came to chapter 2 Clusterware Stack Management and Troubleshooting, This is one of the best chapter of the book for the ones who are willing to learn startup sequence of clusterware stack correctly and with that help they are able to troubleshoot Oracle 12C RAC correctly, saving critical down time for their business by understanding properly the stack of clusterware . As most DBA's still today are unaware of how 11G RAC and 12C RAC has been enhanced, the major differences , perfectly they have explained High Availability Service Technology Stack and Cluster Ready Service Technology Stack, both of them, Another great chapter 6 is on Application Design Issues, the flaws in application design phase which can be avoided on the oracle clusterware. I recommend this book to every Oracle DBA on this planet, 2 of the authors's blog links are as  and