Friday, 27 December 2013

Finally I became Oracle Certified Master OCM 11G DBA

Well after waiting for almost 1 month i have got congratulations Email from Oracle regarding my OCM Oracle Certified Master 11G result. I dedicate this victory to my God and my Parents, specially my Mother, this credit surely goes to my Great Mother Sudesh Dodwal, she has always prayed for my success and she kept on praying and praying. Whenever i am at work she prays for my success and because of this i have always succeeded, I have always achieved excellence because of her blessings, On my OCM exam day she had kept a fast, so it has only become possible because of her.. It took lot of pain to prepare for this exam and i felt the taste of this big success and i know how much i had struggled for the past 1 year in preparation for this exam. OCM exam is a 2 day exam and it is a practical exam, you will be given a lab where you have to battle with hundreds of challenges and scenarios, You have to be excellent on both days. For the preparation i studied so many white papers, Oracle Documentation, Metalink Notes and implemented everything related to the modules  for this exam like RAC, Data Guard, Warehouse Administration and so on... As it was OCM exam and nothing in this world comes easy, As its the highest advanced certification of oracle so i could sense how tough this exam would be, I made plans and documented them on the papers and practised during late hours of night, As i am a DBA Consultant so travelling is the first thing which i had to do, so the only time which i had was in the flights and night as in day i used to work and in weekends too for the preparation, Places i used to travel was mostly across the whole asia pacific and middle east.

The pain for this preparation was so much that sometimes my eyes used to pain but i was just unstoppable and after preparing all the technologies related to the exam i decided to book it, In India that time the exam was available in Bangalore, I booked the hotel room before the exam, and i planned to reach 1 day before the exam. Sadly i reached at 1 AM in the hotel room and next morning was my exam, so had very less time to sleep. But they say when you want something badly you are a stranger to sleep,  I wasnt able to sleep properly,  because i was excited and willing to go to the examination hall for this exam and i wokeup at 5 am only, i reached on time at 8 30 AM at exam venue, however at the exam venue i met a  person who was supposed to give the exam along with me and strangely he was sent back by the proctor because he did not bring his original Photo Id proof which in his case it had to be the passport as he came from another country, so i suggest you all get the originals not the photocopy, else you might have to wait for sometime to re-appear, So then i appeared for the exam for the same and next day and i made sure my mind was working like a computer and my fingers were typing at the speed of the mind and guess what i nailed it, I was confident that my result would be a success but still i waited for Oracle's Email. Thanks so much everyone for your support and prayers.