Sunday, 22 February 2015

OTN Conference (OTN Yathra) in 2015 held at India

The great event OTN Yathra which happens annually and is going on right now in India, I also got a chance as a Speaker to present on few topics which were Understanding Histograms (Including what's new in 12C) and SQL Plan Management (Including what's new in 12C), So i had 2 sessions for 2 hours, First i presented on 13th Feb @ Gurgaon where the first event of this conference was held as a start of this conference, the second event where i presented was on 17th Feb @ Chandigarh. Below are few of the pictures when i was presenting the sessions. I would like to thank All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) and OTN for giving me the opportunity to speak at this great big event.