Wednesday, 30 March 2016

CPU_MTH in Oracle Resource Manager

The CREATE_CONSUMER_GROUP procedure of DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER package has an argument cpu_mth which can be used to specify ROUND-ROBIN the default or RUN-TO-COMPLETION. These are resource allocation methods for distributing CPU among sessions in the consumer group. The default is ROUND-ROBIN, which uses a round-robin scheduler to ensure sessions are fairly executed. RUN-TO-COMPLETION specifies that sessions with the largest active time are scheduled ahead of other sessions.

OTNYathra 2016

After a great success with our OTNYathra 2013, 2014 and 2015!  The Oracle ACE directors will once again be organizing an evangelist event called ‘OTNYathra 2016’  during April 2016.  Check here

OTNYathra the Indian OTN TOUR is about to start

OTN Tour of India is about to start, OTNYathra 2016 is 30 days away. Limited Seats.. Hurry up! Register soon! Check here on OTNYATHRA