Friday, 30 October 2015

Data Guard Redo Transport Encryption

Data Guard Redo Transport Encryption

There are cases when redo encryption is enabled and encryption must be enabled between primary and far sync instance as well as the far sync and other standby terminal databases, This is due to the redo being unencrypted when taken off the wire at the Far Sync instance.

Advanced Security Option network encryption has been available since Oracle version 7,  For example, enabling Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm requires only a few parameter changes in sqlnet.ora file. No certificate or directory setup is required and only requires restart of the database.  With Oracle Database Version 11g Release 2, network encryption (native network encryption and SSL/TLS) and strong authentication services (Kerberos, PKI, and RADIUS) are no longer part of the Oracle Advanced Security Option and are available in all licensed editions of all supported releases of the Oracle database. See My Oracle Support Note 749947.1 for details on enabling transport encryption.

In order to enable encryption of the redo information, follow these requirements:

# Install Oracle Advanced Security option at both the primary and standby database.

# Set up the appropriate sqlnet.ora parameters as documented in the Oracle Advanced Security manual to allow Oracle Net to encrypt and integrity checksum the redo traffic shipped to the standby.

Oracle Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption

                                  (METHOD = FILE)
                                  (METHOD_DATA =
                                  (DIRECTORY =

Oracle Advanced Security Network Encryption

#ASO Encryption


Oracle Advanced Security Network Data Integrity

#ASO Checksum

sqlnet.crypto_checksum_types_server = (MD5)
sqlnet.crypto_checksum_types_client = (MD5)



                          (METHOD = FILE)
                          (METHOD_DATA =



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